Lymphatic Drainage: Loss? See the benefits and price

It is uncomfortable to always have a feeling of swelling and liquid retention. More than an aesthetic discomfort, having your legs, feet, arms, face and belly constantly swollen is a sign that your body is not taking care of eliminating the liquids properly. People who suffer from this problem, however, can count on lymphatic drainage, […]

Dog cough medicine: What cases do it need?

It is impressive how many pets can manifest symptoms and diseases similar to humans. Some conditions can be equally severe (such as cancer, for example), but others are everyday complications that can easily affect your partner. For example, in the case of cough in the dog, which may occur for different reasons. Therefore, let’s better […]

Chinese table: what it is, how it works, how to calculate and more

Some prefer to wait and others choose to know. After all, 9 months of gestation can be a very long time for curious parents to discover the sex of the baby. For those who are going through this moment, an option to relieve curiosity is the Chinese table. Although without scientific proof, her chances get […]

PARVOVIROSIS: What are the symptoms in the dog and how to treat

Parvovirosis is a very common disease between dogs. Therefore, it generates concerns to owners, who seek to understand what can be done to avoid it and how to treat when the little animal is sick. However, identifying the picture at the beginning, there are effective treatments that will help the dog get healthy again. In […]

Yellow discharge: is it normal? What can it be and how to treat it?

The intimate region and sexual health are still subjects permeated with taboos. Many women are embarrassed to talk or even seek medical attention when it comes to the health of the sexual and reproductive system. Lack of information can cause confusion about intimate care, sexually transmitted diseases and vaginal infections, which can trigger vaginal discharge. […]